Venezuelan Voices - Coral Winter, launching a new book

Coral Winter talks about the launch of a book she has co-authored with Jim McIlroy based on their experiences of a year spent in Venezuela, and some 400 interviews they conducted with people involved in the grass roots activities that are building the new Venezuela

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Voices from Venezuela
Behind the Bolivarian Revolution

Jim McIlroy & Coral Wynter
Published by Resistance Books
2008, 332pp, ISBN 9781876646615, Paperback

Australian solidarity activists Jim McIlroy and Coral Wynter spent 2006 in Venezuela working for the socialist newspaper Green Left Weekly, reporting regularly on their experiences. They interviewed dozens of leaders and grassroots activists in the people’s revolution that is sweeping Venezuela and inspiring a revival of the popular movement across Latin America.

They were also heavily involved in three solidarity brigades organised during 2006 by the Australia-Venezuela Solidarity Network — the first in January after the World Social Forum in Caracas, the second during the May Day celebrations in Venezuela and the third in the lead-up to the end-of-year presidential elections.

Voices from Venezuela is the fruit of their work. The end of 2006 represented a high point in the revolution, with Chavez winning a massive endorsement for his project of constructing ‘socialism of the 21st century’ with 63% of the vote in the December 3 presidential contest. Since then the revolutionary process has continued to move forward but is also facing significant challenges.

Voices from Venezuela gives a vivid and unique picture of a profound upheaval as ordinary people struggle against all odds to carry out a sharp change of direction in their country and shape a brighter future for themselves, Latin America and the oppressed and exploited of the whole world.


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