29th Anniversary of the Sandinista 'triumph' over US Imperialism and Somoza dictatorship

July 19 1979 was the day of the Triumph of the Sandinista Revolution.

40 years of dictatorship of Nicaragua by the Somoza Dynasty, and invasions by the US dating back to the 1890s (William Walker who declared himself President for several years and sold the right to gather taxes to the Morgan Bank)was overthrown. The serial invasions continued through the early 1900s, when the US sent in marines (and incidentally, first used aircraft as a weapon of war) through the 1920s. Throughout the 1980s the US financed the mercenary remnant of Somoza's National Guard, the 'contras,' financed illegally by the CIA and cocaine connections. Eventually, through a near total economic blockade,Nicaragua was virtually starved into submission, until a government more to the liking of the US was elected in 1990.

LatinRadical marks this occasion with a selection of videos focusing on the Sandinista Revolution. If you cannot see the video panel below click here.


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