Fred Fuentes - the attempt to Balkanise Latin America

Fred Fuentes, based in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela observes the coordinated efforts of the US to 'split off' resource rich states in Bolivia and Venezuela and Ecuador, as a last ditch attempt to counter the election of left of centre governments, and the growing popularity of these governments in more and more of the Latin American nation states. Venezuela, with the inspired leadership of Hugo Chavez has been able to break the stranglehold of latin american economic dependency. Latin America is finding its own way, independently of the superpower to the north, but the Empire still tries to strike back, using the full bag of tricks.



David Blomstrom said...

I'm not a big fan of war, but, if Latin America's nations had the military might, I'd suggest that they join forces and take control of Colombia. After giving the booting out the U.S., they might be able to straighten that country out.

The other major battlefield is Mexico. The next election will predictably be won by a socialist - but will the U.S. allow it to happen?

David Blomstrom

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