The LA aftermath - Fred Fuentes in Caracas

Fred Fuentes gets us focussed on just how important the recent reconciliation of three Latin American countries - Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela - is to Latin America. Last week they were close to being on a war footing. The three countries declared that they were reconciled during an Inter-american conference in Santo Domingo, often regarded as trivial, because the agenda is usually driven by the US. But it has become obvious to the Latin American world community that the 'divide and conquer' regional wedging politics of the US is just not on. The Colombian President Uribe was isolated in the Latin American community and had to back down on his warlike actions of last week. It seems that a new pattern is being set for Latin American forums and meetings of national leaders that is less responsive to the US agenda. Chavez' peace initiatives (not to mention his credentials) have been strengthened by the incident, in spite of increased efforts by the US driven media to demonise him.

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