El Salvador's '09 elections Pt1. - Death Squad campaign strategy?

Lara Pullin on El Salvador's coming elections. Pt 1

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Photo: A Peace March in El Salvador protesting Death Squad tactics.

El Salvador suffered terribly in a civil war that lasted through the decade of the 1980s. After the FMLN fought the US backed military to a standstill in 1989 a peace was negotiated over the next 2 years, and in 1992, amid much jubilation an 'accord' was signed with the FMLN which became a major, legally registered political party, and narrowly lost winning government against a five party coalition led by the right wing ARENA party.

Next year, 2009, will be another presidential election. But over recent years it seems that ARENA is reverting to form. The founder of ARENA, Roberto D'Aubuisson ran the notorious Death Squads through the 1970s and 1980s, and is believed to be the intellectual author of the assassination of Archbishop Romero in March 1980. The Death Squads are back, and the head of the National Police of El Salvador sees no need to investigate the political violence, assassinations of leading FMLN Mayors and political figures.

And guess who has been chosen to be ARENA's Presidential candidate next year? If you guessed the head of the National Police, you win a free bag of tortillas.

Check out the CISPES website, for more information:


Anonymous said...

And things got really bad... beyond bad, actually. The campaign that Arena made us all bear was filthy and their actions of flagrant violation of electoral laws and moral and decency had been just covered with impunity. Please be alert, citizens of the world and know that if they claim a winning it will just mean that they managed to pull out the worst fraude. Please be aware!

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