Fuentes - the New Year in Caracas Venezuela

Fuentes - the New Year in Caracas Venezuela

15Mb 128kbps mono 15mins.

Fred Fuentes reports from ground base in Caracas, Venezuela.

Are there really food shortages? What are these "Community Councils"? Are they really an instrument to centralise power to the President? Why has President Hugo Chavez and his government so calmly accepted the narrow rejection of the 66 point plebiscite to change the Venezuelan constitution? Fred has been in Venezuela for over a year and has his finger on the pulse of Bolivarian activism. He rounds up this interview with an insightful assessment of how President Hugo Chavez international status has been enhanced by his success in persuading the Columbian FARC guerillas to release hostages, in spite of efforts by the US and the Columbian President to sabotage a successful outcome.



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