Sub-Commandante Marcos and a Yacqui Way of Knowlege

from nimbinradiomedia's Podcast

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Australian independent journalist Julie Webb was present at the Zapatista Congress at Oventic this weekend, and captured a moving speech by the nominal leader of the Zapatista movement, 'Sub Commandante' Marcos (or 'el Sup'' as he is affectionately known) and sent the sound file through cyberspace to Community Radio 2NimFM for immediate broadcast and podcast.

In his speech El 'Sup' addresses the struggle of the Yaqui Indians, in the Northeast of Mexico. While most 'Westerners' have only heard of the Yaqui Indians through the writings of Carlos Castaneda, describing his experiences with a Yaqui Shaman ("Don Juan - a Yaqui Way of Knowledge") Marcos describes the historical struggles of the Yaqui Indians, not only spiritually, but historically - for cultural survival, and at this time, their struggle for land and even more importantly, water.

(In Spanish, but watch this spot - English voiceover is on the way!)


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